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Hire and Buy: Option One

Hire only

I recognise it can be difficult for beginners to know which guitars will be best for them, as well as being an expensive purchase, and this might put people off beginning guitar.


However, my experience allows us to source the perfect guitar for everyone's needs - including the ideal very first acoustic or electric guitar, and you can hire or buy these in a variety of ways (see below).


Guitar Hire & Buy Scheme

Why do I offer this scheme?

What schemes are available?

Simply hire the guitar for £2.50 per week and hand back when you no longer require it.

If you hire a guitar two months beyond its value the guitar is yours to own.



Your guitar is valued at £100. If you hire it for 12 months at £2.50 per week (total hire cost £120), it is now yours.

Hire one of the Guitars I have for sale for £2.50 per week. If you choose to purchase within 6 months, I will deduct 20% of the hire cost you have paid to date.



Your guitar is £100. You hire it for 6 months, having paid £60.00. You have £40.00 to pay, deduct £12.00 (20% refund of hire) leaving your outstanding balance at £28.00.

Examples of guitars you can hire with

If you would like more information about any of the above, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions.


Hire and Buy: Option Two


Buying a guitar is certainly not an easy process, particularly for novices. However, even experienced buyers may find it difficult to find a suitable new instrument.

Fortunately for you, can offer you a flexible, affordable hire or buy scheme for both electric or acoustic guitars.