Music Theory in the Real World of Popular Music


84 page book with unique pull-out

Music Theory Chart

by Paul Clive BA(Hons) PGCE


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Recommended for Guitarist, Piano players

and players of other instruments

who want to understand Music Theory and Harmony.

Have you ever wanted to come up with a chord or scale that fits any situation on the spot? have confidence that you can on request come up with any chord or scale for improvising? Know the notes of a chord and how to simply change to a 7th 9th etc. with ease? This book will give you a practical and visual way of improving your knowledge; the book is an easy to understand and usable guide to music theory with a unique pull-out music theory reference chart.


For the Guitarist: This book is ideal for the performing guitarist and gives you all you need to know for the practical use of music theory that will improve your knowledge and creativity.


For the Piano player: Will give you a better understanding of the practical and visual way you can learn theory on the keyboard.


For ‘Melody only instruments’: If you play a melody only instrument this will give you a better understanding of harmony that will improve your understanding of soloing over chords.

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